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    Jacek Pulikowski
    "A crocodile for his sweetheart"
    English translation of Polish book by Jacek Pulikowski

    The title “A Crocodile for His Sweetheart”, is symbolic of what a man in love is capable of doing for his chosen one. It takes a great deal of effort for both the man and woman to build a strong and loving family. This time the author is directing his message to women, especially young women, so that they can help their men grow. With their feminine charm and sensitivity to beauty and good they can help their guys become men so that they may reach the fullest potential of their masculine dignity.

    The „crocodile” in the book’s title is a reference to a well-known comedy by Aleksander Fredro, The Revenge (1834). Papkin is courting Klara, who demands a proof of bravery by asking him to bring her a crocodile (hoping this will put him off).
    If you don’t want to see my plight
    Bring me a crocodile
    – says Papkin to himself, complaining about the kind of demands that girls of the day make to test their suitors’ determination (there was a time when a canary would have sufficed).

    About the author:

    Jacek Pulikowski is a devoted husband and father of three. He is from Poland. Jacek Pulikowski is a university professor actively involved in Family Ministry and in the Catholic Family Association. He is a lecturer for the Postgraduate Family Studies program in the Department of Theology at Poznan’s Adam Mickiewicz University. He shares his knowledge and experience with the youth, teachers, priests, parents and married couples in crisis, and has for years been preparing young people to responsibly fulfill the duties of their marital and parental vocation.


    Książka posiada IMPRIMATUR
    ISBN 978-83-89282-59-0
    Format: 12,5x19,5 cm; 
    Ilość stron: 110 s.

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